The Ἄρχοντες (pronounced Ar'-khon-tays, singular Ar'-khOn) are the main policy makers and administrators of the Sodalitas. There are a total of three, each of which holds his/her office for one who year. The Ἄρχοντες are elected by the Ἐκκλησία in December and take office on the first of January the following year.

Ἄρχοντες (Current and Past Arkhontes)Edit

βψξα / βη (2761 AUC/2008 CE)Edit

  • Phronekrate (C. Sempronia Graccha Volentia)
  • Tiberia Sempronia Modesta
  • Dienekes (Lucius Vitellius Triarius)
  • Pwplikola (Quintus Valerius Poplicola)
  • Xanthe (Aula Tullia Scholastica)

βψξ / βζ (2760 AUC/2007 CE)Edit

  • Xanthe (Aula Tullia Scholastica)
  • Phronekrate (C. Sempronia Graccha Volentia)
  • Lykourgos (Appius Vipsanius Ahenobarbus)

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