Office of the CensorsEdit

One of the magistracies of Nova Roma. There are two Censores.

The two Censors...

  • approve new members (citizens) to Nova Roma.
  • are usually the first magistrates new applicants meet, which means they field a variety of questions and inquiries.
  • maintain the rolls of Citizens, Senators, Ordo Equester members.
  • are guardians of public morality.
  • maintain the database of Century allocations, Tribal alignments and make sure the laws that are related to the allocations of citizens are properly enforced.
  • issue voter codes to citizens of Nova Roma.
  • approve, discipline, or remove Senators of Nova Roma.
  • handle the resignations of citizens and magistrates.


Censor Offices:

Censor Portal:

Censor Nota:

Nova Roma Censor Handbook:

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