The Βουλή (Bool-ay') is the steering committee of the Sodalitas. It is composed of the three Ἄρχοντες and has the ability to produce νόνιμα (nom'-ina, plural nom'-in-on), or laws. Such νόμινα are instructions for the Ἄρχοντες to execute. The chairman of this committee is chosen by lot when it first convenes at the start of a new year.

Νόμοι Βουλῆς (Edicts of the Boule)Edit

βψξα / βη (2761 AUC/2008 CE)Edit

None yet adopted

βψξ / βζ (2760 AUC/2007 CE)Edit

Ι. Ἡ Βουλὴ κεκέλευκεν —
Κατάλογος νέος ποιηθῇ ταῖς λέσχαὶς τῆ βουλῆ.
The Boule has ordered:
Let a new (email) list be made for the conversation of the Boule.

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