Domus Gaii Tullii Valeriani Germanici et Gaiae Valeriae Pulchrae Edit

This is the domus of Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus and Gaia Valeria Pulchra. A list of the rooms in the domus follows. Some of this description is still under construction.

Who I am Edit

[for Gaius Valerianus Germanicus ]

Inscriptio Cursualis (Addess/Contact) Edit

AIM: Senex1975


Lararium Edit

An altar is arranged neatly atop a bookcase as one enters the domus. On the wall behind the altar Gaia has painted a mural of the lares standing to either side of the genius of the gens Tullia Valeriana.



Culina Edit

The culina, or kitchen, is mostly the domain of Valerianus' uxor, Gaia Valeria Pulchra.

Triclinum Edit

A small, modest triclinium, or "dining room," allows Valerianus to entertain guests for a convivium (dinner party) or comissatio (drinking party).

Sessorium Edit

A well-appointed sessorium, or "sitting room," for entertaining guests and relaxation. Have a seat! If you want to visit Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus, you may do so For more, see the RomanSpace of Gaius Valerianus Germanicus.

Ludorium Edit

The ludorium, or game room, is a luxury Valerianus affords himself. It is a library or study containing various games (mostly Role Playing Games) and accessories such as tali (dice).

Sutorium Edit

The sutorium, or "sewing room," is the private study of Valerianus' uxor, Gaia Valeria Pulchra. Gaia also maintains a personal library here; you can look at her bookshelves here:

Gaia Valeria Pulchra's Goodreads

Cubiculum Edit

The bedroom shared by Valerianus and his uxor, Gaia Valeria Pulchra.

Tablinum Edit

The tablinum is the study and office of Gaius Valerianus Germanicus. As a teacher, his tablinum is especially full of scrolls and tablets. Some of his collection includes:

The Ad Fontes Latin Library

The Bibliotheca Augustana

A list of books read and reviewed by C. Tullius Valerianus Germanicus

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