The Sodalitas uses Attic Greek phrases for introductions, hellos, and good-byes.


Oule (singular)/ Oulete (plural)

Thank you:

Kharis soi (singular)/ Kharis humin (plural)

Good Bye:

Khaire (singular)/ Khairete (plural)

By the Gods:

Pros Theon

I wish you joy:

Kharan lego soi (sing.)/hymin (plur.)

Good luck:

Ekhe (sing.)/Ekhete (plur.) tykhen agathen

Note that you can use "kai" (and) to connect phrases. Make sure to use the plural form when addressing more than one person and the singular form when addressing only one.

The Greek Alphabet is important to know, too:

Greek AlphabetEdit

Α α- alpha- can be long, "father" or short, "drama"

Β β- beta

Γ γ- gamma

Δ δ- delta

Ε ε- epsilon- asin "pet"

Ζ ζ- zeta- has a "zd" or "dz" sound as in "adds"

Η η- eta- as in "ape"

Θ θ- theta- thorn

Ι ι- iota- can be long, "leaf" or short, "pick"

Κ κ- kappa

Λ λ- lambda

Μ μ- mu

Ν ν- nu

Ξ ξ- xi- always has a "ks" sound as in "lacks"

Ο ο- omicron- "bought"

Π π- pi

Ρ ρ- rho- slightly rolled

Σ σ/ς- sigma- ς used at ends of words

Τ τ- tau

Υ υ- upsilon- can be long, "boot" or short, "put"

Φ φ- phi

Χ χ- khi- "backhand"

Ψ ψ- psi- "flaps"

Ω ω- omega- always long as in "total"


αι- "pie"

ει- "ape"

οι- "boy"

υι- "wit"

αυ- "plow"

ευ- (ε+υ)

ηυ- (η+υ)

ου- "pool"


γγ- "anger"

γκ- "bank"

γξ- "Sphinx"

γχ- "lunkhead"


ά- accute accent, a raise in pitch for the marked syllable

ὰ- grave accent, a lowering or steady pitch

ᾶ- circumflex accent, a raising and lowing of pitch in one syllable

ἀ- smooth breathing, pronounce this first syllable without an 'h'

ἁ- rough breathing, prouncing this first syllable with an 'h'

ex.: Ἅιδης (Hades)


α͵ 1

β͵ 2

γ͵ 3

δ͵ 4

ε͵ 5

ϛ͵ 6

ζ͵ 7

η͵ 8

θ͵ 9

ι͵ 10

κ͵ 20

λ͵ 30

μ͵ 40

ν͵ 50

ξ͵ 60

ο͵ 70

π͵ 80

ϟ͵ 90

ρ͵ 100

σ͵ 200

τ͵ 300

υ͵ 400

φ͵ 500

χ͵ 600

ψ͵ 700

ω͵ 800

ϡ͵ 900

α͵ 1000

β͵ 2000

γ͵ 3000

δ͵ 4000

ε͵ 5000

ϛ͵ 6000

ζ͵ 7000

η͵ 8000

θ͵ 9000

Greek Characters TemplateEdit


Ά ά Έ έ Ή ή Ί ί Ό ό Ύ ύ Ώ ώ

Α α Β β Γ γ Δ δ Ε ε Ζ ζ Η η Θ θ Ι ι Κ κ Λ λ Μ μ Ν ν Ξ ξ Ο ο Π π Ρ ρ Σ σ ς Τ τ Υ υ Φ φ Χ χ Ψ ψ Ω ω

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