If you are a new member of the Sodalitas Graeciae, please choose a name other than the ones listed below. When you have chosen your name, you may enter it on this page.

Marca Hortensia Maior: Ptolemais

Gaius Iulius Lateranus: Theodoros

Caius Moravius Brutus: Akaius

Titus Pompeius Illyrus: Xenokrates

C. Sempronia Graccha Volentia: Phronekrate

Aula Tullia Scholastica: Xanthe

Appius Vipsanius Ahenobarbus: Lycourgos

Lucius Vitellius Triarius: Dienekes

araizen: Kyneas

os390account: Philippos helios

Gaius Valerianus Germanicus: Oualerianos

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