Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus Augur, is a Senator in fact the first non founding citizen appointed to the Senate as Praetor Urbanus, a Pontifex the senior member of the Collegium Pontificium as Flamen Martialis, and Augur the Magister Collegii Augurum of Nova Roma. He was the ninth citizen, thus founding Gens Equitia as a Patrician Gens. He was the first to actually use the Nova Roma Sestertius Signum "Declaratio" as real money in a business transaction with Marcus Cassius Iulianus at Roman Days in Maryland USA. He was elected Consul for the year MMDCCLII, Served as Censor for the years MMDCCLIV-MMDCCLV for which was awarded the agnomina AUGUR at the conclusion of that term.

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