IX Via Ostiensis, Mons Aventinus, Roma


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Welcome to the Domus of L. Vitellius Triarius et Tiberia OctaviaEdit

CIV-Lucius Vitellis Triarius

Lucius Vitellius Triarius

Salve et Salvete Novaromani!

We make our real world home in the Oppidum Volunum, Volaesia Regio, Provincia America Austrorientalis (Knoxville, Tennessee, Southeastern USA).

Triarius is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (cum Laude) in Political Science and currently retired from public service.

Tiberia Octavia is a lifelong student of Egyptology and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She currently works as a Social Worker for the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.

We have three children: Lucius Vitellius Triarius the Younger (Right), Quintus Vitellius Triarius (Left), and Tiberia Vitellia Triaria.

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Awards of the DomusEdit

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Mglad2 Mglad3 Mglad4 Venat1 Venat2

Venat3 Venat4 Cultaw2758 Cultaw2759 Certhist2760a


Cursus Honorum Novae RomaeEdit

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