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Ludus Vitellus ~ The Reenactment SiteEdit

For more information on how you can become a Gladiator in real life, visit us online at Ludus Vitellus.

Enroll Your Virtual Gladiators and AnimalsEdit

How to Enroll: Have an entry or two or three for the next Ludi Munera Gladiatoria or Venationes games? Enroll your entries here. The Vitellian Gladiatorial School is now open for patronage by friends of the Vitellians. We are a privately-operated Nova Roma gladiator school for fictional characters of the Ludi. By entering your gladiators and animals, we will track your standings in the games. You will also be eligible for the coveted and prestigious Vitellian Gladiatorial School Award Palms and Victory Banners. If you are involved in real-world Roman Gladiator reenactment events, you are also eligible to be recognized through the School. Join today...send your information to: lucius_vitellius_triarius at yahoo dot com, and we will post your information on this page. We ask that you do not update your own information, as there is a potential risk of duplicate information being posted.

Creating Characters: The games are a great way to learn more about Roman history through character creation:

  • Pick an ancient Roman area (Gallia, Hispania, Thrace, Greece, Egypt, etc.)
  • Pick a region in that area.
  • Pick a tribe/town in that region.
  • Research a little bit about that tribe and it's environment, culture, friends and enemies, industries, etc.
  • Pick a name for your Gladiator, Chariot, Chariot Driver, and/or Wild Beast for Venationes that is reflective of all of this.
  • Create a description of your Ludi character from all of this.
  • When you have some spare time, do it several times again, creating several Gladiators, Chariots, Chariot Drivers, and/or Wild Beasts for Venationes. Remember, just like the real Ludi games, our NR characters get injured and even killed, then you need another one.
  • As these characters enter and complete, you can improve the descriptions of them, based on their results.
  • Keep all of your characters in a text file for easy reference.
  • Register your characters at the Vitellian Gladiatorial School by sending your character information to lucius_vitellius_triarius at yahoo dot com, and we will maintain their career history wins and current points for the year.

Rules: Click Here for Regulae Ludorum

School Information 2760 a.u.c. - (2007 CE)Edit

Dominus praefectus: L. Vitellius Triarius

World-Famous Lanista: Spurius Mercurius Pilatus, a recent veteran and former Optio of Legio IV Macedonia

Training Address: Roma et Saguntum in Provincia Hispania Terraconensis

Recovery Facility: Grounds of the Posh Vacation Villa of L. Vitellius Triarius, Ostia Seaside

Motto: AUT VINCERE AUT MORI (Either conquer or die)

Established: 25 Ian ~ Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. ‡ (MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.)

Munera Gladiatoria School Entries ~ 2760 a.u.c.Edit

Number Owner Entry Name Event Class/Type Points
I L. Vitellius Triarius Trypho Munera Gladiatoria Thraex 18
II Gaia Maria Caeca Rapax Munera Gladiatoria Retiarius 16
III Q. Vitellius Avitus Vopiscus Khaldun * MORTUUS Munera Gladiatoria Dimachaerus 6
IV L. Vitellius Triarius Scylax Munera Gladiatoria Secutor 1
V Q. Vitellius Avitus Vopiscus Arthmail Ansgar Munera Gladiatoria Murmillo 1
VI Add Your Name Here!  ?  ?  ? 0
  • MORTUUS: Deceased/Killed

Venationes School Entries ~ 2760 a.u.c.Edit

Number Owner Entry Name Event Class/Type Points
I Gaia Maria Caeca Kali Venationes Leopard 0
II Add Your Name Here!  ?  ?  ? 0
  • MORTUUS: Deceased/Killed

Career Statistics/Historical Data (2759 a.u.c. to Present)Edit

Recorded Games: Columns below reflect the number of Past Quarter-Finals (QF), Semi-Finals (SF), Finals and Victor Finishes for Ludi Munera Gladiatoria and Venationes events. Palms are awarded for 1st place finishes in the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, for participation in the Finals, and for Victor in the Finals/Great Finals.

Historical Records File: Click Here to View

Number Owner QF Palm SF Palm Finals Palm Victor Palm Career Victory Points
I L. Vitellius Triarius 5 4 2 2 78
II Q. Vitellius Avitus Vopiscus 2 1 1 0 40
III Gaia Maria Caeca 1 1 1 0 16
IV Add Your Name Here! 0 0 0 0 0

Victory Points Calculation RulesEdit

In the Championship Series of Nova Roma Ludi Munera Gladiatoria/Venationes the Victory Points are calculated according to the following rules. Points are given in each match of 2 players. For example 8 players means 4 Quarters matches, 2 Semi-Finals matches and 1 Final match. Of each match of each level the best will be given points. In the case for advancement to the next match without a previous match (e.g., no Quarters and first match being Semi-Finals), then no points are awarded for the skipped or missing match.

Quarters: Semi-Finals: Finals: Great Finals:
Q-Winner: 2 VP S-Winner: 6 VP F-Winner: 10 VP GF-Winner: 14 VP
Q-Loser: 1 VP S-Loser: 4 VP F-Loser: 8 VP GF-Loser: 12 VP


  • Sodalitas Munerum, An association of Nova Roman citizens interested in the art of gladiatorial combat and related entertainments as practiced in ancient Rome. The Sodalitas is formed for the purpose of staging such games in as safe a manner as possible while still remaining authentic and entertaining. To further that end, the Sodalitas shall facilitate research, the production of armor and weapons, training, staging games, and those other activities which are deemed to support that mission.

Traditional Ludi of Ancient RomeEdit

March 26-27: Feriae Latinae (special religious race of champions chosen by Dominii Factionis)

April 4-10: Megalesia

April 19-26: Cerialia (Aediles Plebeii)

April 27- May 2: Floralia

June 25-26: Ludi Taurei Quinquennale

July 6-13: Ludi Apollinares

July 20-30: Ludi Victoriae Caesaris

August 21: Consualia

September 5-19: Ludi Romani

October 11-12: Meditrinalia

October 13-14: Fontinalia

October 19: Armilustrium

October 25-Nov. 1: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae

November 4-17: Ludi Plebei (Aediles Plebeii)

December 11: Septimonium

In MemoriumEdit

2760 a.u.c (2007 CE)Edit

KHALDUN the Dimachaerus: Dominus Q. Vitellius Avitus Vopiscus, Ludi Martiales 2760

2759 a.u.c. (2006 CE)Edit

NAOIS ANSGAR the Murmillo: Dominus Q. Vitellius Avitus Vopiscus, Ludi Romani 2759

AENGUS ANSGAR the Hoplomachus: Dominus L. Vitellius Triarius, Ludi Romani 2759

SUPERSTES the Secutor: Dominus L. Vitellius Triarius, Ludi Romani 2759

BORUS the Bear: Dominus Q. Vitellius Avitus Vopiscus, Ludi Romani 2759

SPECKUS the Leopard: Dominus L. Vitellius Triarius, Ludi Romani 2759

ANTONY the Tiger: Dominus L. Vitellius Triarius, Ludi Romani 2759

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