Salve et Salvete!
Welcome to the Vitellian Gladiatorial School ~ LUDUS VITELLUS
Volaesia District, Provincia America Austorientalis
(East Tennessee, Southeastern USA)



We are a reenactor group, dedicated to the study and practice of the ancient Roman Munerga Gladiatoria ~ the gladiatoral games.

We are members of Nova Roma's Sodalitas Munerum. The Sodalitas Munerum is a special interest club within Nova Roma dedicated to the presentation of gladiatorial combat in the ancient Roman tradition, in a safe and yet fun manner.

The association is interested in the art of gladiatorial combat and related entertainments as practiced in ancient Rome. The Sodalitas is formed for the purpose of staging such games in as safe a manner as possible while still remaining authentic and entertaining. To further that end, the Sodalitas shall facilitate research, the production of armor and weapons, training, staging games, and those other activities which are deemed to support that mission.

On-topic topics include ancient gladiators and gladiatorial games, the problems of modern combat reconstruction, health and safety issues, integrating munera into real-life Nova Roma events, and questions regarding administrative and organizational matters pertaining to the Sodalitas.

Are you a member of a reenactment Ludus or fan of the Arena? We welcome you here!

  • Roman Munerum ~ This is the unofficial email list of the Sodalitas Munerum of Nova Roma.

What We DoEdit

We prepare and present gladiatorial and greco-roman wresting matches at Nova Roman and other Roman living history events. If you live in or are in driving distance to East Tennessee in the Southern USA, please feel free to contact us on the Roman Munerum list above.

Don't Live Near Us?Edit

You can affiliate with the school from anywhere in the world!

  • Register yourself with the LUDUS VITELLUS by posting your information to the Roman Munerum list above, and we will maintain your career history, match wins/losses and current points for the year.

Creating Your PersonaEdit

The games are a great way to learn more about Roman history through your character's creation:

  • Pick an ancient Roman area (Gallia, Hispania, Thrace, Greece, Egypt, etc.)
  • Pick a region in that area.
  • Pick a tribe/town in that region.
  • Research a little bit about that tribe and it's environment, culture, friends and enemies, industries, etc.
  • Pick a name for your yourself that is reflective of all of this.
  • Create your "background" from all of this and memorize it.
  • Learn as much as you can about the Galdiators and the Games.


Other Gladiatorial Reenactment SchoolsEdit

  • Add your link here

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