About Myself:

I became a Citizen in 2001 and joined Gens Cornelia. I took the name Sextus Cornelius Cotta at that time. Soon I was appointed Scriba and Legate Major for Regio Campus of America Medioccidentalis Superior Province. The Legatus pp moved to California and I was appointed by the Senate to replace the outgoing Legatus pp. I soon changed my name to Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus. I remained as Legatus pro praetore until September of 2005 when Gaia Sempronia Graccha Volentia was appointed as my successor. In 2004, with the permission of the Paterfamilas of Gens Cornelia and the approval of the Censores I was able the form the Plebeian Gens Servilia. I took the name Quintus Servilius Fidneas after forming the Gens. Later after researching Gens Servilia more I changed my Cognomen to Priscus to be more historically accurate hence my present name is Quitus Servilius Priscus.

I am also a member of the Societas Via Romana where I have served as a Senator and as Censor. I presently am a Curator and handle all SVR membership applications.

A Short History of Gens Servilia:

The Servilia gens was one of the Alban houses removed to Rome by Tullus Hostilius (and moved to the Caelian Hill), and enrolled by him among the patricians (Liv. i. 30.) It was, consequently, one of the minores gentes. Like other Roman gentes, the Servilii of course had their own sacra; and they are said to have worshipped a triens, or copper coin, which is reported to have increased or dimi­nished in size at various times, thus indicating the increase or diminution of the honours of the gens (Plin. H. N. xxxiv. 13. s. 38). The Servilia gens was very celebrated during the early ages of the republic, and the names of few gentes appear more frequently at this period in the consular Fasti. It continued to produce men of influence in the state down to the latest times of the republic, and even in the imperial period. The first member of the gens who obtained the consulship was P. Servilius Priscus Structus, in b. c. 495, and the last of the name who appears in the consular Fasti is Q. Servilius Silanus, in A. d. 189, thus occupying a prominent position in the Roman state for nearly seven hundred years. The Servilii were divided into numerous families ; of these the names in the republican period are : — Ahala, Axilla, Caepio, Casca, Geminus, Glaucia, Priscus (with the agnomen Fidenas), Rullus, Structus, Tucca, Vatia (with the agnomen Isauricus).

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