The Official Greek Society of Nova Roma


This is the official site of the Sodalitas Graeciae, Nova Roma's very own society for the study and discussion of Ancient Greece. The goal of this Sodalitas is to restore, in our New Rome, the Greek tradition that existed in Old Rome.

This website contains the official Charter of the organization, the νόμινα passed by the Βουλή and Ἐκκλησία, and general information about Sodalitas activities.


This is the official forum of the Nova Roma Greek Society. Citizens and non citizens alike are welcomed to join. The Sodalitas Graeciae is dedicated to the revival, in Nova Roma, of the Greek tradition that existed in ancient Rome; discussion of all facets of ancient Greece, from philosophy and religion to history and language, is encouraged. The the Senate has ratified our Charter, so this is an official part of Nova Roma.


The Sodalitas Graeciae has a government system loosely based on that of the Ancient Athenians.

The Ἄρχοντες (pronounced Ar'-khon-tays, singular Ar'-khOn) are the main policy makers and administrators of the Sodalitas. There are a total of three, each of which holds his/her office for one who year. The Ἄρχοντες are elected by the Ἐκκλησία in December and take office on the first of January the following year.

The Βουλή (Bool-ay') is the steering committee of the Sodalitas. It is composed of the three Ἄρχοντες and has the ability to produce νόνιμα (nom'-ina, plural nom'-in-on), or laws. Such νόμινα are instructions for the Ἄρχοντες to execute. The chairman of this committee is chosen by lot when it first convenes at the start of a new year.

The Ἐκκλησία (Ek-lay-si'-a) is the assembly of all members of the Sodalitas. It can elect and recall the Ἄρχοντες, amend the charter, and create νόμινα of its own that supercede those of the Βουλή. If you are a member of the Sodalitas, then you too can be a citizen initiator, drafting bills and presenting them to the Ἐκκλησία.


The original and revised versions of the Charter of the Sodalitas Graeciae can be found here:


  • Greek Number Converter ~ This script converts modern Arabic numerals to the alphabetic (also referred to as the Ionian or Milesian) Greek number system.

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