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Herodotus was, of course not the first to write of the ancient world's geography. He was preceded by those who had drawn up the "maps of earth by those whom he identified as those "Ionians." It appears that Herodotus disagreed with these Ionians in several respects More...

In the modern day the site of the Roman City of Lucentum, is known as the Tossal de Manises in Spanish. The Roman City was in itʼs turn developed from the ancient native village whose name has disappeared in the mists of time. More...

This is the Editor's review of the Article, Cleopatra, Death of a Queen, by Daryn Graham, originally featured in, Archaeological Diggings, Vol. 15, No. 5, Issue No, 88, Gorden & Gotch Ltd, Warburton, Victoria, Australia, 2008. More...

Last year an archaeological discovery team from New Hebrew University led by Professor Ehud Netzer announced the discovery of the tomb of King Herod the builder of the port city of Caesarea, the Second Temple on Temple Mount in Jeruselum, and the Gerodium, his escape palace in the desert. More...

The Spanish city of Alicante borders on the Bay of Albufereta. This refuge is an excellent one as it is protective of Navigation and provides a protection from both the East and North winds which sweep the Mediterranean, The bay is located between the Cape of La Huerta and the Serra Grossa o de San Julian farther to the West. More...

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Salvete Omnes!

I will address all readers in each issue of the Roman Times on some topic that I feel will be important. Now in March, I just want to direct the interest of the citizens to the agenda of the coming Senate meeting. It is to be expected that the Senate will make important decisions durings its coming session and maybe during the next one.

Most decisions will concern the bad behavior that threatens our own Res Publica. You may be assured that this will lead to serious precautions. If you are one of those who has ever said that politics is dull, then You have never followed the politics of Nova Roma.


Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus

Princeps Senatus et Flamen Palatualis

Civis Romanus sum

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Welcome! Keltica Iron Age Village is an organization designed to be a centre of educational excellence, accurately portraying not only the time when the ancient Celtic culture was at its zenith, but also to explore what impact colliding with the mighty Roman Empire had on it. We then trace the Celtic culture to the present day.

However, Keltica Iron Age Village will be more than just another reconstructed living history museum. It will be the only education & Research facility worldwide, to feature a Celtic hill fort, a full sized Roman fortress, a banqueting hall and Gladiator arena together on the same site.


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